SamYang 24mm F1.4 for Canon


SamYang 24mm F1.4 for Canon

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The Samyang 24/1.4 ED is the cheapest alternative to get a 24/1.4 full-frame lens. But don’t forget that you give up the support of autofocus for the discount. And exact focus is critical for achieving optimal sharpness even at only 24mm focal length and the resulting large(r) depth of field. Plus you have to cope with limited lens to body communication on the Nikon version or none at all on the other versions which cripples some of the more advanced exposure related functions of modern bodies. Is that really worth it? Optically the Samyang is not bad: It has the least coma of all three lenses and produces quite soft Bokeh. At close range its resolution can keep up with the other lenses although at a lower contrast wide open especially in the center. But at infinity it is less sharp than the Sigma or the Nikon, so if you’re a landscape or even architectural shooter, be warned. It also shows the strongest distortions of the trio. The lens has its merits but I’d hesitate to recommend it. The Sigma 24mm f1.4 ART is simply a better alternative and worth spending the extra on.