Olympus OM-2n


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In good mechanical order and a nice clean lens. Has some scuffs and marks on the body.

The Olympus OM-2 was introduced in 1975, and the OM-2N came along in 1979. The OM-2 is based on the OM-1 but has a unique automatic exposure system. Marketed to photographers as an upgrade to the OM-1, the newer OM-2 was the first camera to offer a TTL (through the lens) meter for film called ADM (Auto Dynamic Metering), also known as “off film metering.” This new feature ensured a more accurate exposure could be made in challenging situations using its twin silicon blue cell sensors. These sensors measure light off the patterned surface on the lens side of the shutter.

The OM-2 features an electronically controlled shutter with speeds from 1 to 1/1000th of a second, plus bulb. Setting the camera to Auto essentially puts it in aperture priority mode, but it also has a dedicated manual mode. The ADM meter is center-weighted average and operates off two LR44 batteries. The viewfinder provides a nice 97% coverage. When the camera is put in Auto, the shutter speed is displayed in the viewfinder, and when it’s in Manual, a simple + and – is displayed.

Just like the OM-1, the OM-2N feels great in my hands. Some people complain about the shutter speed being located at the base of the lens mount. After you get in the groove of using the camera, it starts to become natural and muscle memory kicks in. The camera is simple to use with a single switch for Auto, Manual, and battery check. And another knob to set the ISO/ASA and exposure compensation. I think I’ve just scratched the surface of this camera.



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