Magicshine MJ-880R Bicycle Light


Magicshine MJ-880R Bicycle Light 2017 Model

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Magicshine MJ-880R Bicycle Light Max 2000 Lumens
An independent wireless  remote can control the front light to adjust the different light intensity levels 🙂 Very nice!
The MJ-880 attaches to the bars using the y shaped rubber talon. There’s a single hook at the back and the rubber strap is adjustable, making it suitable for almost any size bars and its quick and easy but gives a super strong mount. The battery attaches in the same way with 2 chunky adjustable rubber straps that hold tight to your bars.
The battery is a heavy duty , 6 X 18650 cell ( 6600Ah lithium ion) design. Running time at full power is around 2.3 hours but can be extended considerably by switching to a lower output on less tricky trails or when you’re struggling uphill!!. The battery, which clearly doesn’t need a protective bag, is attached to the frame using 2 adjustable rubber straps. NB: The charger supplied cannot be used with other batteries neither can any existing chargers or any other connectors be used with this battery.
This is a fabulous light in use. It offers a bright, wide beam with clear edges but with a very strong, long throw beam out in front. This is a light that turns night into day!
The MJ-880 is a very easy light to use. The clicky switch is top mounted and also illuminated by a colour coded LED which reflects the amount of charge remaining. or use the wireless remote
Green = 100 – 70%
Blue = 70 – 40%
Red = 40 – 10%
Flashing Red = less than 10%