Magicshine MJ-858


Magicshine MJ-858

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The Magicshine MJ-858 bike light is the replacement light for the discontinued much loved MJ-808.
Reliable, compact design, with a fabulous 1000 lumens beam, the low price makes this a light thats hard to ignore.
The tried and tested Magicshine ‘O’ ring mounting system continues to win plaudits for its robustness as well as ease and speed of use. With a choice of two ‘O’ rings for different size bars, mounting this light is easy to do within seconds. It’s clean and easy, ideal for commuters.
n Use
The MJ-858 continues the Magicshine reputation for ease of use. The single click switch at the rear of the light controls both on/ff and beam functions and it really is simple to use. Clicking the switch brings on in turn high beam, low beam and flash modes. The rear switch has 5 colour modes to warn of reducing battery power. Green, blue yellow red and finally flashing red (<5%) give adequate warning of impending power loss.
Run Time
The MJ-858 will run for 3.5 + ish hours on full brightness with it’s 5.2Ah battery, you can easily extend this by reducing the output.   This run time was based on the older 4.4ah battery. So you’ll get more with this one. 🙂