Kosmo Foto Mono 120 Film


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Made by a leading film producer with decades of film-making experience, Kosmo Foto is a tried-and-trusted panchromatic emulsion with a traditional feel.
It has biting contrast and a traditional grain structure that gives a pleasing, classic black-and-white film look. Kosmo Foto Mono can be used on sunny days, overcast conditions or indoors with studio lighting, flash or natural light.
And Kosmo comes beautifully packed in some of the nicest packaging we’ve seen in the photography industry.
While rated at 100 ISO, the film can also be pulled to 50 or pushed to 400 ISO (with a corresponding change in development times).

– 120 format black & white film
– Rated at 100iso, can be pushed/pulled to 50 and 400iso.
– Standard B&W processing.
– Can also be developed using Kodak Xtol, Ilford Perceptol or Tetenal.
– Fresh stock, made in Europe.


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