Kodak Pro Image 100 35mm


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Kodak Pro Image 100, the Kodak Pro-film with the consumer-film price tag!

Pro Image is a quality 100iso colour-negative film which produces accurate skin tones and high contrast images. It has a finer grain than consumer-level films like Kodak Gold and Ultramax and is particularly easy to scan at home.

Pro Image 100 is one of the rarer Kodak Films, usually not sold in New Zealand . Give it a try, we think you’ll be pretty happy with the results!
Flexible exposure, but produces best results in bright sunlight.

– 36 Exposures per roll
– Daylight-Balanced Colour Negative Film
– ISO 100 C41
– Fine Grain Structure
– High Sharpness, good skin tone reproduction
– Ideal for Scanning
– Can be stored at room temperature for long periods


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