Kodak Gold 200 Colour Negative Film (120 Roll Film Single Roll)

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Kodak Professional Gold 200 Colour Negative Film (120 Roll Film Single Roll)


Film shooters rejoice, Kodak has some good news for you. Kodak Moments (the division of Kodak Alaris) has resurrected Kodak Professional Gold 200 in 120mm. If you’re looking into upgrading to medium format, this will be a great place to start. But also, it’s great if you’re looking to cut back on the film cost as it will be a more affordable option than other 120mm color film rolls from Kodak.

Kodak writes that this film presents “a great opportunity for aspiring photographers looking to make the jump from 35mm to medium format photography.” It’s a more affordable option than Portra and Ektar, sure, but Kodak Gold 200 is also an excellent choice for any photographer looking to shoot in a casual and fun manner. It’s a film that likely everyone has used at some point in their photography career, whether it was the film your parents used to record your childhood, the film from the disposable camera you picked up at the corner store, or the more budget-friendly option when purchasing a few rolls for vacation. By having an “entry-level” film available in 120 format, the barrier is removed between amateur and professional, and a new range of classic medium format cameras—everything from the classic Hasselblad 500C/M to the more modern Mamiya 7 II to the humble Holga toy camera— suddenly becomes more interesting. Despite its entry-level billing, Gold 200 is a respectable and versatile offering with pleasing rendering and high sharpness; it’s an excellent companion to Kodak’s other color negative films.







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