Kodak 400TX Single Use Camera black and White

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Sporting an aesthetic ‘modern’ look, it’s clear with the outer color scheme that this camera is different from their traditional single use cameras with some similarities. For instance, there’s the built-in viewfinder, flash, a flash recharge button, and a lens. At its heart, though, it’s different. As we all know, it’s not on the outside that matters; it’s what’s on the inside. You’ll find 27 exposures of Tri-X 400 film and a dual-lens setup within the inner cogs, transistor, and battery.

This camera produces surprisingly sharp results, especially around 4-10ft. It plays to a softer level at infinity, common for single use cameras due to their fixed focus lens configuration. However, we can say the dual-lens design is the sharpest we have tested compared with all other single use cameras. In terms of picture quality, the results are very good. As a bonus, if you are shooting in direct light, expect some lens flare to add some personality to your photos.


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